Who We Are?

Our Vision

Karakorum Integrated Rural Development Organization (KIRDO)

We envision a world where every person has a good quality of life, with access to education, basic health care, and economic and social opportunities. We also envision a world free of violence against women in all its forms.


Empowering the underprivileged women, children, elderly and physically challenged individual through equitable, inclusive and holistic development programmes. 

This will be done through;

  • Women’s empowerment, Children’s development, Youth empowerment and Public health and Medical care programmes
  • Rural health provision and development
  • Provision of legal support for the rural women
  • Soft skills and hands on training and research
  • Training on income generating activities
  • Ensuring economic self-reliance and empowerment for the rural
  • Creating appropriate educational and hygienic infrastructure
  • Constructing appropriate water and sanitation infrastructure
  • Mobilizing skilled volunteers to promote equality, economic well-being and basic human rights

Goals and Objectives

  • To improve basic Public health condition of community people.
  • To provide specialized and technical education to underprivileged children

  • To organize and recognize youth groups/organizations by linking them with socio-economic opportunities

  • To work towards a violence-free society by helping women and children who are victims of violence, abuse and poverty.

  • To help the social groups and individuals to acquire knowledge of pollution and environmental degradation